Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are open daily from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We recommend making a reservation to ensure availability, especially during weekends and holidays. You can book your appointment online at, by calling +84 8550 80 686 or +84 777 248 022, or by emailing

Do you offer hotel pickup?

Yes, you can request a hotel pickup during your reservation. We will arrange to pick you up 30 minutes before your appointment.

What types of massage do you offer?

We offer a variety of massages, including traditional Vietnamese massage, hot stone massage, sauna, and herbal hot tub treatments. Our skilled therapists use gentle techniques to soothe your muscles and melt away your stress.

What are the benefits of a Vietnamese massage?

Vietnamese massage offers numerous benefits including relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, enhanced flexibility, boosted immunity, better posture, detoxification, increased range of motion, stress relief, better sleep, improved skin health, helps with digestive issues, alleviates headaches, reduces anxiety and depression, aids in rehabilitation, improves athletic performance, promotes overall well-being, provides a sense of connection, enhances self-awareness, and promotes mindfulness.

What should I wear during the massage?

You will keep on your underwear during the massage. We provide towels and sheets for you to cover yourself, ensuring your comfort and privacy throughout the session.

Is this a legitimate massage place?

Yes, we are a professional massage spa focused on relaxation and health. We do not offer any inappropriate services. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience.

Are your therapists trained and certified?

Yes, all of our therapists are professionally trained and certified in various massage techniques.

Can I request a specific therapist?

Yes, you can request a specific therapist when making your reservation, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

Do you offer any discounts or packages?

Yes, we offer various packages and seasonal discounts. Please check our website or contact us directly for the latest offers.

Is tipping expected?

Yes, tipping is expected and appreciated. A typical tip ranges from 150 – 250k VND per person. This is how it works in Vietnam and shows your satisfaction with the service.

Can I take a shower before the massage?

Yes, taking a shower before the massage is possible. We provide clean and comfortable shower facilities for our guests.

Where are you located?

Our address is 30, lane 96 Trinh Tu Street, Ninh Binh. You can find us on Google Maps by searching “Huong Sen Homestay.”

Why should I choose Huong Sen Ninh Binh Massage?

At Huong Sen Ninh Binh Massage, we offer an unforgettable and truly relaxing experience. Our luxurious services and skilled therapists ensure you leave feeling renewed and refreshed. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the ultimate relaxation during your Ninh Binh adventure.

Is it safe to get a massage in Vietnam?

Yes, it is safe to get a massage in Vietnam at reputable establishments like Huong Sen Ninh Binh Massage. We maintain high standards of hygiene and professionalism to ensure a safe and relaxing experience for our clients.

What if I have specific health conditions or concerns?

We recommend informing your therapist of any specific health conditions or concerns before your session. This allows us to tailor the massage to your needs and ensure your comfort and safety.

Will the massage be painful?

Our massages are designed to be relaxing and therapeutic. If at any point you feel discomfort or pain, please inform your therapist so they can adjust the pressure and technique to suit your comfort level.

How long does a typical massage session last?

A typical massage session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage you choose. We also offer longer sessions for those who prefer an extended relaxation experience.

Can I bring a friend or partner for a couple’s massage?

Yes, we offer couple’s massage packages. You can enjoy a relaxing experience together in our specially designed couple’s rooms. Please mention this preference when making your reservation.